Culturally sensitive care

For more than 25 years now, our employees have been providing medical and nursing care in sixteen different languages to hundreds of people from different backgrounds who are in need of help.

As a multi-culti health and care service, we attach great importance to culturally sensitive care. On the one hand, we provide the people we care for with comprehensive medical care and, on the other hand, we convey a feeling of trust and security. Transcultural care can only be provided on the basis of respect, humanity and empathy. With the help of our cultural sensitivity, we are able to optimally respond to and respect religious and cultural orientation. It is equally important for us to involve relatives and the person's social environment in the care process and to take into account knowledge about the person's living conditions and economic situation. Our clients should be enabled to live according to their individual and culturally determined needs and values, regardless of their health situation. In doing so, we strive to combine the two elements in the form of the excellent local health care and the respective cultural world view of our client and thus contribute to an understanding. Central to this is empathetic and respectful communication as well as a way of thinking and acting towards them. Therefore, the origin, language, religion, gender, life biography as well as the personal inclinations and interests, eating habits, traditions, customs and traditions of the individual client are included and adapted. Above all, it is important for us to include the needs and particularities of the individual in our work, to understand them and to see them in the context of a successful interaction and cooperation with the person concerned and their relatives. Our fluent knowledge of foreign languages in care is often of great importance. In addition to German, we are happy to advise our clients in fourteen other languages; Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, English, Farsi, Frisian, Italian, Croatian, Kurdish, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian and Spanish.

Since the beginning of our work, the focus has been on people. Respect for every human being, regardless of cultural background, is the basis of all our actions. We are constantly adapting our range of services to the personal needs of our clients, while at the same time remaining committed to our values. Thus, we represent a humanistic view of the world, which is revealed in an appreciative and respectful basic attitude of our employees in their dealings with our clients, because it is the person who should be in the foreground. The care we provide is shaped by a care-theoretical model of holistic nurturing process care with the activities, existential experiences and biography of life.

Our culturally sensitive care, coupled with our professionalism and many years of experience, allows us to act flexibly even and especially in times of social change and challenges. Here it is important to understand that we are by no means only a contact point for certain nationalities or cultural groups. Our guiding principle of a culturally sensitive approach in our encounters with other people is equally important with regard to the most diverse manifestations within the Western or European cultural sphere. One of our greatest resources is our staff, who come from different cultural backgrounds and can thus stimulate an exchange within the team, so that many issues can be resolved through the use of the mother tongue and the necessary sensitivity. We at the Multi-Kulti Health and Care Service are able, due to our intercultural competence, to respond to people of different origins and to develop a togetherness based on mutual understanding and acceptance. Intercultural care, in the sense of a culturally sensitive approach, in encounters with other people is also important with regard to the most diverse manifestations within the Western and European cultural sphere. Consequently, since the very beginning of our work, the human being has been our focus, because respect for the dignity of every human being, regardless of cultural or religious origin, is the basis of all our actions.

Our team, which gives its best with the greatest willingness and motivation to care for people in need of care sensitively and responsibly and to accompany relatives individually, will also ensure in the future that different needs and concerns are met with respect and understanding so that the best possible care in familiar surroundings can be guaranteed on a permanent basis.