Assisted Living

Assisted Living Hamburg

From our experience, older people would like to stay in their own homes as long as possible, even with limitations. To make this possible, more and more older people are willing to adapt their own lifestyle - but do not want to completely give up their life plans and demands on their home. Our assisted living in Wilhelmsburg therefore includes the diverse needs of older people and is designed with the future in mind. Our assisted living offer in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg is ideal for older people who want to live self-determined in their own flat and at the same time be sure to be well looked after when needed. Our senior flats offer the advantage that they are barrier-free and meet the daily needs of the residents. First-class, individual care and comfortable living in familiar surroundings are not mutually exclusive. We offer you the advantage of being able to furnish your home according to your own wishes. In our senior residence Hamburg, you are welcome to use your own furniture, mementos and furnishings, because above all you should feel comfortable.

Assisted Living Wilhelmsburg

Our company offers high-quality, individual and assisted living in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg. In designing these offers, we have used our many years of experience to optimally adapt the concept to the needs of the tenants. This housing offer is aimed at people of different origins who are still able to live independently in their own flat, but have a certain need for care and/or assistance. Our assisted living consists of a total of eighteen 1- and 2-room flats. The common room on the 1st floor can be used by all residents of the house. In addition, our Multi-Kulti Health and Care Service offers residents and their relatives the opportunity to receive advice on social and care matters twice a week in the common room. All tenants in need of care can also receive outpatient care from our health and care service at any time. All residents have access to a spacious common room with kitchen on the 1st floor and the green garden courtyard. Our assisted living Wilhelmsburg im Veringeck is oriented towards the needs of our district. It not only addresses classic gaps in care, but has also recognised that in a district characterised by diversity, a culturally sensitive housing and care offer for seniors is indispensable.

If you are interested in our services in the area of assisted living in Hamburg, we will be happy to advise you personally and inform you about further questions of financing by health and long-term care insurance funds and social welfare agencies as well as private cost sharing. Simply make an appointment with us!