Outpatient care

Outpatient care service Hamburg

Unique and high-quality care can only succeed by creating the best foundations. In cooperation with our clients and their relatives, we design the best possible care and provision for them with regard to individual needs and circumstances such as religion, culture, language, gender, inclinations and their health situation. A detailed and conscientious consultation lays the foundation for an open and trusting relationship between you and us as a multi-cultural health and care service. Our care service offers you a free and non-binding consultation in an initial meeting.

As an outpatient care service Hamburg, we are contractual partners of the health and long-term care insurance companies as well as the Senate Administration of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg (Social Welfare Office). The contracts entitle us to provide and invoice services in accordance with SGB V (services provided by the statutory health insurance funds), SGB XI (services provided by the statutory long-term care insurance funds) and SGB XII (social assistance). According to your care level, all our services are covered by the health or long-term care insurance. We are happy to help

We will help you clarify your claims and fill out forms. We are also happy to support you in dealing with the authorities or in discussions with the funding agencies (care and health insurance companies as well as social welfare agencies).

Home care service - Care at home

Häuslicher Pflegedienst

Health insurance benefits according to a doctor's prescription

The care service includes those services that have been ordered by your general practitioner or specialist. We direct the care towards the goal of the respective treatment in order to achieve the best possible result together with you. You can rely on our many years of experience and competence! Our procedures to support your therapy include, among others:

  • Bandages of all kinds
  • Professional wound management
  • Injections (e.g. insulin) and blood glucose control
  • Catheter care and change
  • Straightening and administering medicines
  • Putting on and taking off compression stockings
  • ... and much more according to medical prescription.


"Home care service with a sense of needs"

Benefits from the long-term care insurance fund

We care for you gently and warmly according to your individual wishes either at your home, in a familiar environment or in assisted living. Our basic care includes, among other things:

  • Body care
  • Bathing/ Showers
  • Storage/ Beds
  • Help with the
  • Food intake
  • Preparation of breakfast & dinner
  • Hot food in cooperation
  • Assistance in the area of mobility
  • Domestic care
  • Artificial feeding
  • And much more!


"Care at home with heart and mind"

Household service

In addition to our care services, we offer domestic support within the scope of the care insurance benefits. Furthermore, you can also receive further individual services from us, in addition to the care insurance benefits, within the framework of a private contract.

Ambulanter Pflegedienst Hamburg Wilhelmsburg - We offer the following services:

  • Care at home
  • Cleaning the flat
  • Price and nutrition conscious shopping
  • Preparation of breakfast and dinner
  • Cleaning and care of the laundry
  • Doing general housework and much more

People in need of help and care are often unable to manage their household independently due to their physical or mental limitations. Our domestic helpers ensure the household care of the person concerned. People in need of help and care can apply to their health and long-term care insurance fund to have the costs covered. The amount of the care benefits granted depends on the needs of the person in need of care. If you have a care degree, we can help you with your care and discharge benefit 45b.

Whether outpatient care Veddel, outpatient care Wilhelmsburg or outpatient care Veddel - as a care service Wilhelmsburg, our catchment area naturally extends to the neighbouring districts of Harburg and Veddel. Feel free to call us or drop by if you or a family member need support. We will be happy to advise you. Whether you come from Harburg, Veddel, Kirchdorf, Georgswerder, Neuland or simply from Wilhelmsburg - you are very welcome here!

More offers

Since 01.01.2017, the legislator has introduced the so-called care and relief benefits, which have been set at 125,- €. This means that every person in need of care, from care level 1, has an additional entitlement to €125 per month for care and household services. This money can only be used for this purpose and must be earmarked. Our domestic services, i.e. the use of a home help or daily companionship, can be settled within the framework of the additional care and relief services. If you have a care degree, you can be invoiced directly by your care insurance fund free of charge.

Our services in the area of additional care and relief services according to § 45b SGB XI are composed as follows:

  • Household help or everyday companionship
  • Visiting service (conversations, reading aloud, board games etc.)
  • Errands and shopping
  • Accompaniment during visits,
  • Events & celebrations, outings & trips, walks, cemetery visits, sporting events, etc.
  • Accompaniment during doctor's visits
  • Support with the organisation & implementation of festivities
  • And much more!


You are welcome to contact us at any time or make an appointment to receive classification assistance and clarify any open questions.

We take care of you and help you when your relatives need some time off. Be it just to run important errands or to attend your own doctor's appointments. If you have already been cared for by your relatives for six months, you are entitled to preventive care. You can claim benefits of up to € 1,612 per year or 28 days. There are two options for care:

  • Preventive care by the hour, e.g. when your carer is due for a doctor's appointment
  • Preventive care by the day, e.g. during your carer's holidays


We will be happy to answer your questions in person or by telephone! We look forward to advising you free of charge and without obligation!

Basic cleaning for senior citizens, people in need of help and care - special cleaning in addition to maintenance cleaning.

It is self-explanatory that hygiene in the household should also be maintained in old age. On the other hand, the possibilities for movement are often limited. We therefore ensure that the accustomed standards of household and environment can be maintained, even if the home no longer looks too clean. Often people are simply no longer able to keep their home tidy due to their age or need for assistance. All basic cleaning and special cleaning is carried out professionally, thoroughly and with cleaning agents adapted to the surfaces. For example, if you have a care degree, the cost of special cleaning could be billed directly to your care insurance fund free of charge.

There are other diverse support options. We will be happy to advise you individually in a personal meeting!

We take care of and help you when the counselling visit according to § 37.3 SGB XI is due. All recipients of care allowance are obliged to have care monitoring visits carried out by an approved care facility. So that quality assurance takes place in such situations and the caring relative is not left alone, an obligatory care visit by us takes place at recurring intervals:

  • in care degrees 1, 2 and 3 once every six months
  • in care degrees 4 and 5 once every three months


We settle these visits directly with the long-term care insurance fund. We advise you on quality assurance in care, questions of upgrading and the procurement of aids. We are also happy to offer assistance and practical nursing support. The costs are covered by the long-term care insurance fund. Simply make an appointment with us.

We will be happy to answer your questions in person or by phone! Make an appointment now for your consultation visit.

The health or long-term care insurance funds and the social welfare office cover the care service partly completely or mostly. With your consent, we take care of the application, the processing of objections and all other questions. Please note that there are two different forms of financing:


When funded by the long-term care insurance, this covers services such as basic care, personal hygiene, washing, bathing and dressing, help with eating, mobilisation, etc. If a care level exists, we settle the care services within the care level rates with the care insurance fund. According to the respective need for care, monthly care benefits can be claimed in the amount determined by the care insurance fund.

If the costs for the services specified in the care contract are higher than the specified rate of the long-term care insurance fund, this amount can be paid either with the help of funding from public agencies, such as the social welfare office, or privately as a personal contribution.


Medical treatment care services include medical care such as changing dressings, insulin injections or administering medication. The general practitioner or specialist prescribes appropriate treatments. We then settle these with the health insurance company. This does not involve any additional costs for you, apart from the normal co-payment. In the case of a co-payment exemption, there are no costs for you at all.