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Multi-Kulti Health and Care Service

Since our foundation in 1998, we have made the medical care and support of people in need of care and assistance our task and offer a comprehensive service for this. Multi-Kulti Gesundheits-und Pflegedienst, a leading regional care service provider in the south of Hamburg, stands for quality and heartfelt care. Our range of services includes home care, day care, dementia care community and assisted living. In addition, our health and care team offers a wide range of additional services, such as housekeeping services. For more than 25 years now, more than 80 employees in sixteen different languages have been providing medical and nursing care to hundreds of people of different origins in need of help.

It is close to our hearts to ensure the best possible quality of life for every person with their individual needs in a familiar environment. Unique employees with a great willingness to perform give their best to care for people in need of help sensitively and responsibly and to accompany relatives individually.

Since the beginning of our work, the human being has been at the centre. Our highest priority is respect for the dignity of every person, regardless of cultural or religious background, is the basis of all our actions. He should be respected with his different needs and receive the best possible care in his familiar, home environment. We are constantly adapting our range of services to the personal needs of our clients, and at the same time we feel continuously committed to our values. In 1998, Leyla Yagbasan founded our health and care service as one of the first nurses of Turkish origin in Hamburg. It is the enthusiasm and passion for helping and supporting other people that drives us as a family business every day. We will continue to maintain this motivation unchanged in the future.

Our team

Together, the management and our management team run Multi-Kulti Gesundheits- und Pflegedienst International GmbH with around 80 expert employees. In addition, five employees work in the administration and thus guarantee smooth processes.

In outpatient care, the residential care community, day care and assisted living, our team is made up of:

  • Registered health and (paediatric) nurses
  • Certified geriatric nurses
  • Health and care assistants
  • Medical secretaries
  • Nursing and geriatric care assistants and nursing assistants
  • housekeepers
  • Social pedagogues
  • Hygiene specialists
  • and four trainees


All employees are committed to regular training and further education in order to always be up to date in the field of nursing and care for the elderly. The work of our nursing staff follows the nursing concept according to Monika Krohwinkel, which demands a holistic nursing process for people in need of care and assistance. This model, according to Professor Monika Krohwinkel, is perfectly in line with our understanding of care, as it gives top priority to the needs of the client. In addition, Krohwinkel's care model helps us to meet our own aspirations in care.

Leyla Yagbasan


Hakan Arslan

Nursing management

Monika Köpke

Quality management

Stephanie Trapp

Management of the day care centre

Hayriye Ekmekci

Head of outpatient residential care community

Nevenka Ninkovic

Hygiene specialist

Jessica Meyer

Practice supervisor

Nurhak Özulus

Team Leader Household & Service

Ayla Yüce


Meryem Gürlevik


Filiz Kaya


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Our values

Our values are based on a humanistic world view, which is characterised by an appreciative and respectful basic attitude of our staff in their dealings with our clients. The care we provide is shaped by a care-theoretical model of holistic nurturing process care with the activities, existential experiences and biography of life. The following principles have the highest priority for our daily work:


We are passionate about our job. For this reason, we are particularly keen to treat other people in a mindful, loving and compassionate way. Since the beginning of our work, the focus has been on people.


For us, it is indispensable to respect the dignity of everyone, regardless of religion or origin, and to behave respectfully in dealing with the other person. We also pay special attention to maintaining and respecting the self-determination of the person in need of care.


We at Multi-Kulti Gesundheits- und Pflegedienst set permanently high quality standards for the work of our staff as well as for the individual approach to our clients.


Reliability is a quality that has high priority for us. At Multi-Kulti, this simply means that you can trust statements made. There are no unwanted surprises with us.


Honesty is indispensable for us in all areas. It is important to us to make processes as transparent and open as possible. Upon request, clients can also receive a copy of the care insurance bill.

Our vision

We, the Multi-Kulti Health and Care Service, offer high-quality, excellent and unique outpatient care services and are continuously expanding our range of services. Since our foundation in 1998, we have been caring for patients with the greatest possible commitment and heart and soul. In doing so, our humane values and principles always have a decisive influence on our work, because it is the person who should be in the foreground. At the same time, we also take care of the individual support and counselling of relatives. As a multicultural family business, we are able to guarantee flexible care that is tailored to the individual and his or her needs, and to respond to his or her particularities in terms of region, language, gender, inclination, habits, interests and other aspects. This makes us a unique and indispensable partner for people in need of care and their social environment. With the help of our cultural sensitivity and culturally sensitive care, our professionalism and empathy, we fulfil our task even in times of social change and new challenges.

Our care mission statement

For those who can no longer live without the assistance of others, our Multi-Kulti Health and Care Service offers individual care and support even in the most severe cases. In our care mission statement and guiding principles, all employees of Multi-Kulti Gesundheits- und Pflegedienst International GmbH have committed themselves to common principles of care. The human dignity and independence of each individual client are of great importance to us. Not only do we coordinate the times of our visits with you, but we also adapt our professional care to your individual situation. In accordance with our care mission statement, our highest priority is respect for the dignity of every person, regardless of cultural or religious background, is the basis of all our actions.


We at the Multi-Kulti Health and Care Service support people with physical, mental or emotional impairments in their daily lives, for whom this is impossible or only partially possible on their own. Our goal is to help these people regain their well-being, to give them a feeling of confidence and relief, to preserve the greatest possible autonomy of the person and at the same time to provide first-class care. Respect and compliance with all the laws of the society in which we live and work, as well as compliance with contractual obligations, is for us the basis of a trusting cooperation at all levels.


Respect for the dignity of every person, regardless of their cultural and religious background, is the basis of all our actions. The person with his or her individual wholeness is the focus of care. They are treated with dignity and respect regardless of their age, gender, skin colour and faith. Maintaining, restoring and promoting the freedom and independence of each person as far as possible is an important concern for us. This means that we act as far as possible in accordance with the wishes and needs of our clients. Our way of working is based on a culturally sensitive approach to our patients and their relatives. Central to this is empathetic and respectful communication as well as a way of thinking and acting towards them. In concrete terms, this means that we take into account the origin, language, religion, gender, life biography as well as the personal preferences and interests, eating habits, traditions, customs and traditions of the individual client and his or her social environment, include them in the care and adapt the care to the individual. We welcome every person with an open mind and a warm welcome. Our clients are united by their desire to feel well cared for and to be cared for in an understanding and gentle manner.


In discussion with the client and his or her relatives, the wishes of the person concerned are first recorded in order to then adapt the care and support to the respective needs in the best possible and individual way. Especially with regard to religious, linguistic and cultural concerns, we as a team, which consists of specialists and assistants from different ethnic groups, are in a special position to understand you around the clock and to be able to care for you accordingly. By means of activating care, we also achieve the greatest possible preservation of the self-determination and independence of the person in need of care. This makes it possible for people we support to continue living in their own homes. This is also a great help for the relatives, because they also experience support through our accompaniment. Hospital stays can also be avoided. We therefore avoid frequent changes of nursing staff. Furthermore, our large network, which extends beyond the care sector, offers the advantage of also finding a solution for a person's everyday problems and dealing with them. For example, we work together with doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and public institutions.


Our qualified staff organise, implement and document the care completely and precisely. This makes care transparent and verifiable. In order to always be up to date, we incorporate innovations in nursing science as well as legal changes into our care. Our management team and cooperation partners also regularly inform and advise our staff about the latest findings and research results. Continuous further and advanced training of our nursing staff ensures a highly professional and qualified way of working. In parallel, the care and human warmth of our staff enable a relationship with the client that is characterised by appreciation, respect and understanding. This makes a decisive contribution to people's well-being and recovery.
The language skills of our team are often of high importance in terms of openness and cultural sensitivity, among others we speak German, Albanian, Bulgarian, DGS - German Sign Language, English, Farsi, Italian, Croatian, Kurdish, Dutch, Paschto, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Turkish.

Quality management

The respectful and empathetic interaction of our staff with our clients brings about mutual understanding and trust - only in this way is professional and reliable care ultimately possible.

Since 2007, Mr. E. Eckstein, an IT specialist from Eckstein-Hard- und Softwareberatung, has been our data protection officer. Mr. Eckstein is responsible for matters relating to IT security and data protection. If you have any questions, please contact him by e-mail: datenschutz@multi-kulti-pflegedienst.de

Your satisfaction is very important to us, because our quality is determined by the perception of our customers. In order to maintain this satisfaction and at the same time optimise our work potential, we attach great importance to your feedback and conduct customer surveys at regular intervals. In addition, our complaints management offers customers the opportunity to contact us in confidence with their wishes, suggestions or concerns. It is important to us to make processes as transparent and open as possible. Upon request, clients can also receive a copy of their care insurance bill. We are continuously working on structures that enable our staff to act in a self-responsible and reflective manner. Among ourselves, we want creative, innovative and holistic thinking, as well as open communication within the team.

We as a multi-cultural health and care service know that we can only meet our demand for the highest quality together. Our quality management system allows us to create a lived quality and to make it tangible and comprehensible for all employees in a quality manual. The head nurse, the deputy head nurse and the managing director are continuously responsible for the nursing care. Nursing rounds at regular intervals ensure individual, needs-oriented care that can be flexibly adapted to any circumstances and the needs of the client. Various cooperations and our large network, which extends beyond the nursing sector to include doctors, therapists, hospitals and other public institutions, enable us to provide optimal care that is "tailor-made" for the client. As a multi-cultural care service, we also have extensive possibilities to support and care for people according to their individual and diverse religious, cultural, linguistic and gender-specific concerns.

We are aware of the many responsibilities that our employees bear due to their work with other people and therefore not only attach great importance to professional expertise, but also in particular to their social competence and the ability to want to work lovingly and with commitment for the needs of our clients. Passion for the caring profession and humanity are basic requirements to be able to work for us as an employee.

The personality and enthusiasm of our employees for their profession is paramount for us. Especially with regard to our multi-cultural guiding principle, qualities such as tolerance, empathy, personal commitment, independence and an honest interest in people are obligatory. Our team is characterised on the one hand by different qualifications, and on the other hand by its uniform goals and a common vision. Thus, we have registered nurses, geriatric nurses, paediatric nurses, nursing and geriatric care assistants, certified wound managers, health and nursing assistants, senior nursing staff, medical interpreters, nursing consultants, diabetes and hygiene specialists as well as housekeepers at our disposal.

We, the Multi-Kulti Health and Care Service, see ourselves as a harmonious and constantly growing company and pursue a trusting and sincere working relationship. We also want this basic attitude from our employees.

We see our profession as a vocation, so we expect our team to have a sense that care is more than just a job. Commitment comes from a love of what you do. Our staff support people from a wide variety of backgrounds in their daily lives who are unable or only partially able to do so on their own. Our goal is to help these people regain their well-being, to give them a sense of confidence and relief, to preserve the greatest possible autonomy for the person and to provide first-class care in the process. Within the framework of culturally sensitive care, we place the highest value on providing the people we care for with comprehensive medical care on the one hand and a feeling of trust and security on the other. This can only happen on the basis of respect, humanity and empathy. This requires neither a specific religious affiliation nor the practice of corresponding prayer rituals. Rather, qualities such as sensitivity, understanding and tolerance are necessary. The keyword here is again dignity, because human dignity is inviolable.

We value the motivation and performance potential of our employees and together we have the incentive to constantly improve and develop. In this way, we incorporate the individual circumstances and professional ambitions of our staff and promote them in our multi-cultural health and care service. Our staff benefit from a secure job on a full- and part-time basis with a qualified induction, a pleasant, team-oriented working atmosphere, an interesting and professionally varied, diverse field of activity, various further training opportunities and much more. In addition, we offer the advantage of a company car. Our fleet consists of around 25 vehicles and is maintained by our fleet manager Inan Altun. We also give newcomers to the profession and those returning to work a chance.

Sponsorship activities

The local clubs are very important to us, especially when sport promotes integration and inclusion. We feel closely connected to our home region of Hamburg- Wilhelmsburg, Veddel and Harburg. By donating and sponsoring clubs, initiatives, projects or facilities, we make an important contribution to supporting this commitment. This is how we live responsibility! For this reason, we support social commitment especially here. We are also a Gold Partner of the HSV Wheelchair Basketball Bundesliga team BG Baskets Hamburg. Among the sponsors are the BG Unfallkrankenhaus Hamburg, Spalding, Mercedes and Lotto.

In the future, BG Baskets Hamburg will not only be multicultural on the court: Our Multi-Kulti Gesundheits-und Pflegedienst International from Wilhelmsburg is a partner of the HSV wheelchair basketball players and supports Holger Glinicki's team in the German Wheelchair Basketball League (RBBL). With our sponsorship commitment, we are pleased to be able to encourage people with handicaps to keep going and develop their personal skills in order to participate in the community again. After our discussions with the responsible persons and numerous visits to games in the Inselpark Arena, our opinion has strengthened that the members of the wheelchair sports department and the players of BG Baskets Hamburg can be role models for participation and integration both in the Wilhelmsburg district and for the whole of Hamburg. In addition, we would like to help support a successful team in the Bundesliga and, together with all fans, keep our fingers crossed for the coming season. We are looking forward to rousing games, great results and world-class players!

Cooperation partner

We are networked with strong partners so that the optimal solution can be found quickly and unbureaucratically at any time for the benefit of the client. We will be happy to advise you on all the options for making use of these services.



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