Dementia residential community

Elderly care in a residential care community

Outpatient dementia community Hamburg for people from the country of origin Turkey

Since the foundation of our company in July 1998, we at Multi-Kulti Gesundheits- und Pflegedienst have been able to gain many years of experience in the support and medical care of people in need of care in their familiar surroundings. With the help of our dementia shared apartment Hamburg, we have created a shared apartment for these people in a familiar atmosphere, which represents a real alternative to the classic nursing homes for seniors with dementia that have existed up to now. In a homely flair, the best possible senior care, provision, nursing and dementia care can be ensured while at the same time maintaining the greatest possible degree of self-determination and independence. Our offer is aimed at families who are no longer able to continue caring for their sick family member at home, but who shy away from placement in a home. Our elderly care for dementia patients offers the advantage that living together takes place, social relationships can be established and interests and activities can be pursued together with the help of our qualified staff.

Seniors with dementia of Turkish origin find the appropriate dementia care, cultural sensitivity and the necessary all-round care in our residential community. They live in a different place. Nevertheless, many things remain the same as they know them at home: Communication in the mother tongue, jointly planned and prepared meals typical of the country and familiar daily routines, consideration of cherished traditions and customs, traditional respect for older people.

The relatives have a great importance in our care for the elderly. On the one hand, you are freed from having to look after your sick relative around the clock. However, you remain by his or her side and have to decide on the important issues of living together in the home. With our Multi-Kulti Health and Care Service, each relative agrees on an individual care contract for his or her family member, which guarantees optimal care for the elderly. This is based on what is needed individually in terms of care and nursing.

All-round care, 24 hours a day, by our expert and empathetic care team guarantees dementia care that you can rely on without restriction and at any time. This allows relatives and caregivers to spend relaxed time with the person affected. Due to the small number of groups in which the residents live together, we are able to respond individually to the respective needs, also with regard to the origin and biographical background of the person in need of care.

Advantages of our assisted dementia living community Hamburg:

As an alternative form of living, our Veringeck elderly care enables around 10 people suffering from dementia to live together in a familiar and comfortable atmosphere.

How do I live in the dementia shared flat Hamburg?

We offer you living together in a 400 m² flat. Individual rooms with their own bathroom, as well as common areas such as a kitchen and a bright, spacious living room provide a sense of security and a familiar, homely environment. The respective rooms of our elderly care can be furnished with familiar pieces of furniture, such as the favourite armchair and photos from family life. We are also happy to use furniture and equipment that you have brought with you for the furnishing of the common areas. In addition, this form of living offers the opportunity to withdraw on the one hand, but also to get into contact with other flatmates on the other.

We incorporate previous living habits by, for example, shopping, cooking, eating, doing laundry and spending free time together. We take into account individual needs, customs, traditions and cultural habits and incorporate them into everyday life: Everyone finds a set table here, residents who get up early as well as others who come later. Meals are freshly prepared every day by our cook, and everyone is invited, even those who just want to watch and participate. The food is typical of the country and the residents know and like it. All this is done while communicating in their own mother tongue and respecting their cultural orientation.

This importance is especially true for people with dementia. For them, new care arrangements are particularly important in how they offer them a familiar culture-specific ambience, with the mother tongue as an important basic building block and the consideration of their everyday culture. The various building blocks developed in our residential care community for intercultural living in old age respond to these needs.

Where is the senior care Veringeck located?

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The "Demenz Wohngemeinschaft Veringeck" is located at Veringstraße 60 and is situated in the Hamburg district of Wilhelmsburg, in the borough of Hamburg-Mitte. Our residential community is located in the urban Reiherstiegviertel, which is home to one of the most culturally diverse neighbourhoods on the Elbe island and whose social development has long been characterised by a mixture of different cultures. Around 53,000 residents live in the Wilhelmsburg district. There are good transport links, with motorways, buses and trains nearby. Shopping facilities, doctors and pharmacies are also within easy walking distance.